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It’s this simple: If you need an actor, writer, punch-up man, or any other kind of creator who will give you brilliant work on the fly, you NEED Benjie Loveless. “

 – Craig Coletta, Founder and Artistic Director, Yellow Sign Theatre.

Benjie Loveless

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Thank you Craig, no argument from me.

Media Service Studio is the portfolio and talent portal for yours truly, Benjie Loveless.Over the years, a mosaic of skills have been assembled to serve my personal creative output. If it’s in the arts, I’ve likely  had my hands in it. I now offer these skills to you. Audio/ Music production and editing, Voiceover / Narration, Photography, Video Editing and Creation, Social Media and Blog Graphics, and more. 

My creative perspective is well informed by the field tempered pragmatism of workaday jobs. From bouncer to building engineer; I’ve been in the grind since I was 14. I can roll with the punches, work with what I have, and see it through.

Whether its a smaller project that might fall between the cracks of larger vendors OR you need additional support services for your team effort, TALK TO ME FIRST. If I’m a good fit for your project; you’ll get quality work, quick turnaround, and a bargain.