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msss video 375 x1500

Though Video editing is the latest addition to my arsenal, my music and audio engineering experience readily applies to video production.  I approach the process with a similar mindset.  Like music, video is media moving through linear time that must be assembled and presented with regard for rhythm, pace, mood, detail, and message.

I have created music videos, short clips for my travel blog, comedy pieces, and a short documentary on the C and O Canal. In addition , I can splice and dice your existing produced video and give it new life and context. Let’s change that old sound bed, turn that podcast into a visual experience, tighten things up a bit, or personalize that generic corporate video. 


Mini Documentary for

I produced this mini documentary on the C and O canal for  It is a relatively simple slideshow done in the style of a 90’s late night public television education program. I always got a warm, relaxed, easy feeling when watching those local documentaries in the hours before dawn.  Script, voice over, original music, and photography all by yours truly.


Music Video made with public domain footage.

No Material ? Don’t let that stop you. A little public domain footage run through some filters, some splice and dice timed to rhythm, Voila ! We have a bonafide artsy fartsy and sexy music video. Just add a title, end card, some fades and we are home free.  

Comedy Skit. Location Newscast

We may not share a sense of humor but this video demonstrates that spontaneous inspiration can be molded into a polished piece. Video is not just a means to an end, the process itself can be improvisational and creative.

While hiking the Vernal Ponds trail, I thought that Vernal Ponds would be an amusing character name. Right then and there, I interviewed Vernal in the field. I didn’t know where this would lead, I didn’t know what the questions would be, but I quickly filmed some vague answers.

After some thought, a newscast seemed like a fitting context. Who would ask the questions? Well, this would be a good use of my Werner Herzog impersonation.  Some heavy handed transitions to set the stage, a few captions, some artifact effects, and a few takes on the microphone gives us a complete piece born out of the moment.


Wildlife in action clip for

It doesn’t have to be an epic, you can pack a lot of effective content into a short video. I produce short clips like these as part of the travel Blog.

In only 37 seconds we have the brand, the subject in context, a cute bird dancing to funky original music, and where to go to get another dose. The viewer is not bogged down by overlong introduction,  attention span is not challenged, message conveyed, and message received in an entertaining way without coming off as a hard sell. 

Explainer Video: Life Insurance Product

Explainer / Marketing video for consumer audience. Partially constructed in biteable with available clips and finished on my system for a few extra touches. Original Voiceover by yours truly and supplemental original music elements added to the “off the shelf” soundtrack.



Client Repurpose Example: Excerpt

This insurance industry client had an existing promo video for their brand.  They wanted to offer a personalized version for their agents.  As the requests come in, I add agent photos/ logos and contact info to my modified version of the original video. 



Explainer Video. Life Insurance Agent Video marketing tool. 


New custom animations, segments, text, and voiceover by Media Service Studio. Existing marketing materials provided by Client. Licensed animations and characters sourced by Media Service Studio.


The Loveless Files is an ongoing series of dramatic readings in character based on my writings, musings and observations.  Written, produced, and original music by yours truly.